Union of Black Episcopalians
Nevada Chapter


Celebrating the Black Presence in the Episcopal Church

The Union of Black Episcopalians stands in the continuing tradition of more than 200 years of Black Leadership fighting racism in the Episcopal Church.


Our History

Beginning with the establishment of the African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas by Absalom Jones in 1792 in the city of Philadelphia, through the appointment and election and election of more than 35 Black Bishops, there has always been a strong corps of Black leaders in the Episcopal Church. People like James Holly, Henry Delaney, Alexander Crummel, to name a few.

Organized in 1968 as the Union of Black Clergy and Laity, the Union is the proud inheritor of the work of these people and earlier organizations such as the Convocation of Colored Clergy, the Conference of Church Workers Among Colored People. The name was later changed to the Union of Black Episcopalians (UBE).

Our Mission

The Union of Black Episcopalians fights racism by encouraging the involvement of Black people in the total life of the Church –on every level and in every way – stewardship, evangelism, education, leadership, governance and politics. The union is committed to translating these words, our ministry, into Christian action for all Episcopalians and at all levels of the church.

Our Ministry

Evangelism – encouraging greater participation of Blacks in the life of the Church at the Parish, Diocesan, Provincial and National Church levels.

Communication – information gathering and dissemination designed to educate our members, prepare them for access to ministries in the wider church and create opportunities for them to gain access.

Advocacy – against racism and on issues which effect Black Episcopalians.

Lobbying – for and encouraging continued support for the three predominantly Episcopal Colleges, St. Paul’s, St. Augustine’s and Voorhees.

Develops Resources – including training, anti-racism training, chapter development, and program initiation and implementation.

Annual Meeting – One of the highlights of the Union’s program year is the Annual Meeting and Conference held in June. This 3 ½ days conference is built around workshops on important issues and business sessions where officers are elected, programs and projects are approved and the annual budget is set.

The 36th Annual Meeting and Conference was held on July 5-9, 2004 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Throughout the week, the Union was treated to the wonderful diversity of liturgy and city officials facilitated a racial profiling workshop. UBE celebrated the retirement of Ohio’s two African American Bishops, The Rt. Rev. Herbert Thompson and the Rt. Rev. Arthur Williams.

The 37th Annual Meeting and Conference will be held the week of July 20 – 27, 2005 in Toronto, Canada during the Third International Conference on Afro –Anglicanism.

The National Executive Office
The Union of Black Episcopalians
1055 Laidlaw Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45237

The Local Executive Office
The Union of Black Episcopalians
Christ Church Episcopal
2000 S Maryland Pky
Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 735-7655

The National President
The Rev. Canon Nelson W. Pinder, DD, DD
2632 Marquise Court
Orlando, Florida 32805

The Local President
JoAnn Roberts Armstead
2552 Orangeglory Drive
Henderson, Nevada 89052
(702) 914- 9475

Local Officers
Annette Craighead
Vice President
1405 S. Nellis Blvd #1078
Las Vegas, NV 89104

The Rev. Barbara Lewis
6135 Harrison Drive, Suite 1
Las Vegas, NV 89120-4076

Zandra Richardson
7909 Brent Leaf Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89131

The Rev. DeLaney Armstead
2552 Orangeglory Drive
Henderson, NV 89052

Our Programs

Absalom Jones Celebration February 2005
Black History Celebration – Guest Speaker (TBD) February 2005
Anti- Racism Training Session – Institutional Racism February 2005
Fundraiser (TBD) April 2005
Juneteenth Fish Fry & Book Scholarship Awards June 2005
Christmas Gathering December 4, 2004
Kwanzaa Celebration December 31, 2004

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Meeting Date
The Nevada Chapter of the Union of Black Episcopalians meets the third Saturday of each month at Christ Church, Las Vegas at 1:00 PM. The meeting is open to all regardless of ethnicity

Annual Dues
Individual----- $35

Make all checks payable to:
The Union of Black Episcopalians

Mail to:
The Union of Black Episcopalians
2552 Orangeglory Drive
Henderson, Nevada 89052

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